Awards Category


Awards Category

Affordable Housing Category

A project by a private developer or public sector. The building must adhere to the affordable housing criteria and guideline provided by the government. 


Environmental (Rehabilitation/Conservation) Category

A project that rehabilitates an environment or to conserve existing environment, ie Ex-mining land, polluted river, land fill, land that has been damaged severely by industrial use, marshland destroyed by deforestation or such similar damaged land.


Heritage (Restoration/Conservation) Category

Any building that is identified for Heritage Conservation or Preservation by the relevant authority is restored to its original condition as best as possible. The building after restoration can be for any usage depending on the owner. The same building may enter for more than one category. The owner may decide to enter only for Heritage Category, then he must answer the questionnaire for Heritage Category. If the building is used as a hotel, the owner can enter the building for the Hotel Category and the Heritage Category, and be judged under both categories, Heritage and hotel.


Hotel Category

Hotel Building with Rooms and Serviced Apartment that is leased out as a Commercial enterprise.


Industrial Category

For industrial building, industrial parks, technology parks, warehouse, factory, workshop, etc.


Master Plan Category

This is a Planning Category on how the land usage is planned. A development concept plan must be approved by relevant Government authority with at least one phase completed.


Mixed-Use Development Category

A single project or development that comprises of not less than three components of properties where those properties are physically and functionally integrated with covered pedestrian connections. For example, a development that blends residential, commercial, office, and retail uses.


Office Category

For office buildings and office parks.


Public Infrastructure/ Amenities Category

Project exclusively financed and developed by public fund, ie government building, hospitals, road, bridges, airport, stadium, etc.


Purpose Built Category

For project/building that does not comply with any other categories, for instance, hospital, airport, bus terminal, university and school buildings etc. Funding for such project is from the private sector and its profit consideration is an important factor.


Residential (High Rise) Category

Apartments, condominiums (17 storeys and above).


Residential (Mid Rise) Category

Apartments, condominiums (above 5 storeys and below 17 storey).


Residential (Low Rise) Category

Housing estates, housing complexes (5 storeys and below).


Resort Category

A resort is a place for stay and relaxation or recreation attracting visitors for holidays or vacations. i.e. Beach Resort, Hill Resort, Ski resort, etc. A self-contain resort provides most of a vacationer’s requirement while remaining on the premises, such as food, drinks, lodging, entertainment, recreation and shopping.


Retail Category

Mall, shopping centres, hypermarket, etc.


Sustainable Development Category

For energy saving project, ie save energy feature, building allow more natural lighting, conserve or harvest rain water for use.