Hungary - The XXII. FIABCI Hungarian Prix d’Excellence 2020

12 October 2020

 The  XXII.  FIABCI Hungarian Prix d’Excellence

 FIABCI Hungary has established the FIBCI Hungarian Prix d’Excellence under the name  Hungarian Real Estate Development Award primarily with a view to facilitate the participation of Hungarian real estate developers in FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence. With this in mind, the jury of the Hungarian Award is assessing the projects according to the criteria of the international competition. It examines inter alia the overall concept, the merits of architecture, technical quality, implementation, level of economy and efficiency, environmental impact as well as community benefits, i.e. how the project serves the interests of its environment and improves living conditions. A basic principle is that it is not the size but the quality of the facility that matters. This is a competition where David can indeed defeat Goliath.

 The Hungarian Real Estate Development Award is supported by the most important Hungarian professional organisations.

-          Real Estate Developpers’ Round Table Association

-          National Federation of Hungarian Building Contractors

-          Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industy

-          Association of Hungarian Hotels and Industry

-          The Chamber of Hungarian Architects

-          The Budapest Chamber of Architects

-          The Association of Hungarian Architects

-          Association of Hungarian Landscep Designers

-          The Hungarian Society for Urban Planning

-          The Hungary Green Building Council

-          Officerentinfo

-          Media Group of Residential Market

This year is exceptionel due to the Covid 19.

FIABCI Hungary usually starts the organization of the FIABCI Hungarian Prix d’Excellence in April. This year in Hungary the situation was wery bad. The first vave of the epidemy was on its highest level. The organizers of the Prix asked FIABCI members and all supporting organization’s leadership whether the Prix can be organized in this situation. The positive answers arrived within 24 hour.

Everypbody promissed to do their bests for succesfull orgnaization and it worked. There were 41 applicants, the highest  number since the beginning of the 23 years history of the FIABCI Hungarian Prix d’Excellence.

Between the participants there were again a lot of nice refurbishment of historical buildings and  sustainible developments. Traditionally there were  offices, hotels, cultural esablishments,  scools and kindergardens. It is a good news, that this year there were residential buildings , missing the last few years.

Two years ago the Bonarka City Center and Bonarka Office Complex in Krakkow  Poland was the first Hungarian development abroad, which took part in the  FIABCI Hungarian Prix d’Excellence and has got a silver award of FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence. This year there is an office building constructed by a Hungarian developper in Cluj (Kolozsvár) in Rumania and a scool in  India on the mountain Himalaja. The solar scool in Zangla - which use exceptionelly the solar energy for heating and lighting - was desigend and contstructed by Hungarian architects and the members of Körösi Csoma  association. (Körösi Csoma was a Hungarian Traveller in XIIIth century who visited this region in India in his way to China).

All the projects of the XXII. FIABCI Hungarian Prix d’Excellence can be seen on the website of FIABCI Hungary 

The award ceremony will be at the end of November if the situation will  allow to organize any such event. 

Please follow the link below to the 2019 XXI Award's Soviner Book:


President of FIABCI Hungary, President of the Jury,

Vice President of the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Committee