Singapore Property Award 2012

25 June 2012

FIABCI is the French acronym for “Federation Internationale des Administrateurs de Bien-Conselis Immobiliers” which means “The International Real Estate Federation”. With chapters currently operating in some 50 countries, FIABCI represents every discipline in the real estate industry.    The FIABCI Prix d’Excellence is an initiative of FIABCI to recognise real estate projects that embody excellence.   Entrants are evaluated on  the following criteria:  overall  concept;  architecture and  design;  development  and construction; community benefit and environmental impact; and financial and marketing.

The FIABCI Awards first started in 1992 although Singapore participated only in 1997, five  years  later.      Over  the  19  years,  more  than  170  FIABCI  awards  were  given. Singapore entries won one-fifth of the total awards with 17 winners and 17 finalists.
In order to encourage more Singapore projects to participate in the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence awards, FIABCI Singapore has introduced the Singapore Property Awards in July 2011 to recognise achievements of Singapore’s real estate projects and developments.   The rules and judging criteria are similar to those of FIABCI Prix d’Excellence.
Only Singapore Property Award winners will be able to participate in FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Awards.   This is to ensure that top quality projects will be submitted for the world competition to promote Singapore’s excellence in design and architecture.
The closing date for submission for 2012 Singapore Property Awards is 1 June 2012. The results will be announced by 30 September 2012. The date for submission of registration form for the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Awards is 31 October 2012.   Details the Singapore Property Awards are given in the Attachment.
About the Awards
The Singapore Property Awards recognise excellence in real estate development projects or individual properties in terms of design, aesthetics, functionality, contribution to the built environment and community at large.    It represents an outstanding achievement which developers, professionals and property owners aspire to attain. It bestows upon the winner the right to use the coveted award logo recognised extensively throughout the FIABCI network.
Panel of Judges
A panel of judges established by FIABCI Singapore will comprise distinguished real estate professionals and experts in Singapore and/or other countries.
Awards Categories
1. Environmental (Rehabilitation/Conservation) Category
Project that rehabilitates an environment or conserve existing environment ie Ex-mining land, polluted river, land fill, land that has been damaged severely by industrial use, marshland destroyed by deforestation or such similar damaged land.
2. Heritage (Restoration/Conservation) Category
Restoration or conservation of old buildings that have been identified by the relevant authorities for Heritage Conservation.
3. Hotel Category
Business type or leisure type, service apartments that are strictly operated as hotel, etc.
4. Industrial Category
For industrial buildings, industrial parks, technology parks, warehouse, factory, workshop etc.
5. Master Plan Category
For a development concept plan that has been approved by the authority ie township development and housing estate development.
6. Office Category
For office buildings and office parks.
7. Public Infrastructures/Amenities Category
Project exclusively financed and developed by public fund ie government buildings, hospitals, road, bridges, airport, stadium etc.
8. Residential (High Rise) Category
Apartments, condominiums (6 storeys and above)
9. Residential (Low Rise) Category
Housing estates, housing complexes (5 storeys and below)
10. Resort Category
Beach resorts, hill resorts, theme park, marinas etc.
11. Retail Category
Mall, shopping centres, hypermarket etc.
12. Rural (Homestead Development) Category
Countryhomes, farm developments etc.
13. Specialised Project (Purpose Built) Category
For purpose built building ie international school, airport.
14. Sustainable Development Category
For energy saving project ie save energy feature, building allows more natural lighting, conserve or harvest rain water for use.
Judging Criteria
The criteria for judging the projects include the following:
•    General description of project
•    Architecture and design
•    Development and construction
•    Financial and marketing
•    Environmental impact
•    Community benefits.
Who May Submit for the Awards
Any individual, owner, developer, professional, company or group from the private and public sector who assumes executive responsibility for the real estate project or property may nominate and submit the project for the Awards.
Process of Submission and Payment of Entry Fee
a)        The applicant is to fill up the Registration Form.
b)        The completed Registration Form is to be submitted (via email or post) to the Secretariat before 1 June 2012 for the Singapore Property Awards 2012.
c) The following information should be submitted: (a) at least one interior and one exterior photograph or illustration of the project; (b) printed project’s brochure; and (c) the project’s brief information or description.
d) The submission will be first assessed by the Organising Committee. Applicants will be notified by 30 June 2012 whether their submissions are accepted. If accepted, a detailed Submission Form will be given to the applicant together with an Invoice for the payment of the Entry Fee.
e) The completed Submission Form and related information will have to be returned to the Secretariat by 31 August 2012 for the Awards.
f) The Entry Fee has to be paid by 31 August 2012. The fees are: FIABCI member –S$1,000 per project per category; Non FIABCI member – S$1,500 per project per category.
g) All applicants will be notified of the results of the Awards by 15 September 2012.
FIABCI Singapore Secretariat (Attn: Janet Han)
110 Middle Road
#09-00 Chiat Hong Building
Singapore 188968
Tel: +65-64240282