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WTorre JK (WTorre S.A.)
(WTorre S.A.)

WTorre JK

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This is about the recovery of an architectonic skeleton abandoned for over 14 years in one of the most coveted points of the city of São Paulo. As from it, WTorre has created one of the most modern Triple A of South America, which very soon shall be an integral part of a sophisticated office complex and a high luxury shopping mall.

The previous project did not provide for the installation of infrastructure that modern corporate buildings currently require: controllable temperature by area, sophisticated security and tele-communication systems, intelligent elevators, layout flexibility, and items required by LEED certification, which have made Torre São Paulo a Green Building. A new structure was constructed within the old construction.

As a counterparty for the city government, WTorre has recovered the adjoining “Parque do Povo” [People’s Park], that had been abandoned and was in process of becoming a slum, transforming it into one of the most pleasant touristic sites in the city.