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Fulfillment Amphitheatre (Taichung City Government)
(Taichung City Government)

Fulfillment Amphitheatre

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The Fulfillment Amphitheater, completed in March 2009, is a milestone cultural institution project. It takes part in the advancement of construction in the entire Taichung metropolis along with the Taichung City Capital Building, Opera House, Baseball Arena, and Suinan Business Park.

The Wen-Hsin Forest Park that surrounds the theater was programmed on the overarching conceptual theme of “Sheltered Heavens and Nestled in the Green Earth.” Layers of vegetation and an abundant ecological habitat were created to give people the feeling of being embraced by nature, as if they were traversing between the emerald grass and sapphire sky.

The design of the stage canopy was inspired by the traditional Chinese performance art of ribbon dancing. The iconic canopy acts as the focal point of the theater and helps to shelter the stage and audience. The dynamic shape of the canopy not only catches the rhythm of ribbons in motion, but also creates a sophisticated acoustic environment, which achieves technical requirements while preserving aesthetic considerations. The sunken stage, surrounded by rising seats and landscaped vegetation, keeps the acoustics within the amphitheater and away from the neighborhood.

Advanced 3D computer technology was utilized in the project to draft the blueprints and to consolidate any detailed modifications made during the construction process. The design team, which includes architects, structural engineers and subcontractors, has employed advanced 3D computer technology to communicate everything from full size elevation section drawings to individual connection details.