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Bunga Raya Island Resort and Spa (Gloharta (M) Sdn Bhd)
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Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa

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A private island sanctuary of timbered private villas, Bunga Raya Island Resort and Spa is located at a peaceful, hidden bay, bordered by a crescent of gleaming white sand on one side and by an ancient virgin jungle on the other. Taking its name from the Malay word for the hibiscus flower, Bunga Raya takes its name to heart, and the most striking feature of the resort is the presence of these vibrant, colourful plants.

Found in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, Bunga Raya is home to 47 splendid villas, each named after one of the many hybrids of the hibiscus flower. Every villa marries the exotic traditional beauty of Bornean architecture with modern conveniences designed to suit even the most sophisticated traveller.

Bunga Raya's lavish villas come in a variety of categories. The Beachfront Villas, for example, are so named for their proximity to the sand and sea, allowing their residents to take an enjoyable dip at any time of the day. The aptly named Treehouse Villas are hidden among the treetops, offering delightful private outdoor jacuzzis and plunge pools that are ideal for couples in search of a truly romantic atmosphere. The Royal Villa, the very paragon of what Bunga Raya has to offer as a luxury resort, is simply the ultimate in total rest and relaxation.

A massive 604 worth of square meters contains three rooms with king-sized beds, two private pools, and a gorgeous, unobscured view of Polish Bay. Direct access to the beachfront offers guests at the Royal Villa their own private slice of the beach, giving them the opportunity to easily enjoy a revivifying island trinity of sun, sand and surf.

What is most significant about Bunga Raya's villas is the way that they appear to almost grow naturally out of the jungle that they inhabit. This is no mere coincidence, as construction was carried out with great consideration to the preservation of the island's natural flora and terrain, successfully preserving the many mangrove trees found at the seaside. The resort's jetty is built in an area that is free of coral reefs, affording the same level of respect and care to the island's marine life. These careful measures have resulted in little to no disruption of existing ecosystems, and long-term, environmentally-sensitive practices that have resulted in the preservation of the island's majestic natural assets.

Guests are invited to participate in a number of exciting island pastimes, including a selection of non-motorised water sports, refreshing hikes on the nature trails found throughout the jungles, or even private trips to the various islands in the surrounding waters. Also of interest is the resort's Solace Spa. This multi-leveled group of private treatment rooms seems to spiral and climb to the top of a small hill, allowing the installment of a water feature that runs down the entire extent of the spa. Small touches give guests a sense of increased intimacy with nature, such as the outdoor showers which offer privacy from behind enormous natural boulders.

Beautiful natural resources and spectacular views aside, the true appeal behind Bunga Raya is its team of friendly, locally-sourced people that it calls its family. Bunga Raya's ever-smiling service personnel are fully equipped to offer the very best for the resort's guests and are always eager to offer personalized customer support whenever and wherever it is needed.

Bunga Raya Island Resort and Spa seamlessly combines the comforts of lavish five-star accommodations with all the breathtaking beauty that nature can offer, and all of the glorious new experiences one can expect from a luxury resort await on a little island called Borneo.