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Runner Up : Cihampelas Walk Extension (PT. Karya Abadi Samarga)
(PT. Karya Abadi Samarga)
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In the Cihampelas extension project, they create a series of outdoor pedestrian walkways, which loops around two storey restaurants, cafes’ and fashion boutiques, bringing people to enjoy the outdoors. The two storey buildings are planned in such a way as to create a series of courtyards. The buildings are adjusted to suit the landscape and vegetation. Conservation of the environment is of prime importance; new buildings are design within Courtyards to preserve the existence of all big trees.

Between these courtyards is a series of very expressive buildings, where natural cross ventilation is used throughout. Together with the canopies of trees this would minimize the heat gain from direct sun light. It will be the first development in Indonesia where visitors encouraged to walk amongst the trees and feel the natural ventilation instead of airconditioning. It would educate people to appreciate nature in an urban setting.