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1st Runner Up : Sunrise, Queensland, Australia (Conics)

The realization of the development of the Campus of the College of Nyíregyháza are worth considering due to its complexity.

Sunrise is a 100 million USD, sustainable residential community, located on the Central Queensland coast 5 kilometres south of the coastal towns of Agnes Water and Town of 1770. As an area of diverse landscape and high scenic quality it was crucial that any development be undertaken in an environmentally sustainable manner that protects, enhances and rehabilitates the magnificent natural environment.

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The site includes a sustainable village of 172 residential lots, an eco tourism site, a site for a cultural heritage centre and a significant nature Reserve. Most remarkable of the original 628 hectare, is that 97.5% of the site has remained in its natural state. Over 75% of land has been donated to the Australian Bush Heritage Fund.