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11 Tampines Concourse (Singapore)

11 Tampines Concourse

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11 Tampines Concourse was the first building project in Singapore to be constructed with a wide range of recycled materials for its structural building components. The “Green Concrete” that was used comprises sustainable materials such as copper slag and recycled concrete aggregates (RCA). Apart from sustainable construction materials, other prominent green features include a natural day-lighting system to leverage on natural lighting in areas such as the atrium and lift lobbies. It is also the first development in Asia Pacific to incorporate an innovative, indoor non-compressor fresh air cooling system for smart temperature and humidity control. This system uses water as a cooling agent instead of ozone-depleting chemical refrigerants to cool incoming outdoor air through a natural heat exchange process. Due to its energy saving features, the estimated energy savings for the entire building amounts to over 620,000kWh per year, the equivalent of about 325 tonnes of carbon dioxide (tCO2-e).