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Environmental Category

2nd Runner Up : The Architecture and Landscape of KMRT R9 Station, Kaohsiung Taiwan (Kaohsiung City Government, Mass Rapid Transit Bureau)
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The R9 station, a 2-leveled underground station where the concourse level is under ground about 12m, is about 25m wide and 220m long. The design theme of R9 station’s canopy is “Flying”, which indicates the image of leaf flying in the air, and also symbolizes the future of Kaohsiung city will promote to the global city based on the MRT project. The canopy of main entrance is integrated with the central park and the vent shafts is hiding in the green hill on the both sides, which can be reduced the visual impact of townscape. The station is not only a MRT station, but it also an urban space and environment for playing, shopping, and recreation in Kaohsiung city.