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Heritage (Restoration) Category

Prestige Elgin, Bangalore, India (Prestige Estates Projects (P) Limited)

The site of Prestige Elgin was the location of the Elgin Flour Mills, a building that had been standing for close to a hundred years.

Prestige Elgin, Bangalore, India (Prestige Estates Projects (P) Limited)

Being Bangaloreans themselves, it was an easy decision for them to respect public sentiment and retain Elgin’s character in their building.

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Square towers, punctuated with wrought iron balconies and rectangular windows, large wrought iron gates and an arched entrance from the landscaped courtyard combine to recreate the magnificence of the historic Elgin structure.

The façade is dressed with beautifully landscaped gardens that both complement and raise the aesthetic value of the edifice.

The finishes were common to all the units. The options to buyers were the unit layouts only. Any extra fitment cost was borne buy the buyer on a case-by-case basis.

The units were sold out before the construction began and hence no mockup unit detail is available.