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Setia Eco Gardens, Johor, Malaysia (S P Setia Bhd Group)

Setia Eco Gardens was born of S P Setia’s commitment to create genuinely sustainable and rewarding communities in line with our total township philosophy of LiveLearnWorkPlay. Our first step in this exciting journey to realizing this vision was the creation of the development master plan that would be the foundation for a truly environmentally conscious community with a modern, international outlook.

Setia Eco Gardens, Johor, Malaysia (S P Setia Bhd Group)

The immediate inspiration for the development master plan was the topography of the site. The gently undulating profile with a river running through it made this the perfect location for an eco sanctuary, which would appeal to homeowners who are seeking to be part of a sustainable, environmentally-conscious community. The discovery of numerous varieties of indigenous flora and fauna strengthened our resolve to restore the original ecosystem of the site.

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At the same time, Setia Eco Gardens is all about education. Embedded in the master plan is a strategy to create a complete learning environment for the community with ample formal and informal learning opportunities. Already, the township boasts a private and international school and a Chinese-medium primary school, with more academic institutions in the pipeline.

However, it is the informal learning opportunities available that set Setia Eco Gardens apart. The township’s designated green zones include a rainforest reserve, town park as well as bird island, butterfly creek and aquatic sanctuaries, literally making these ecosystems part of the neighbourhood. Informative display panels within these conservation areas help to provide a deeper understanding of these ecosystems as well as the native plants and animals. We also try to teach by example by implementing eco-friendly initiatives such as rainwater harvesting. There is also an eco library in the township which is targeted at our younger residents.

Our ultimate goal is to keep all the residents engaged with their immediate environment, the ecosystem they are a part of, as well as the larger issues such as climate change, soaring energy costs and importance of conserving the ecosystems.

Upon completion in 2018, Setia Eco Gardens will be a self-contained township, with everything in place for a rewarding and sustainable life. This assurance comes from a visionary development master plan which enables us to ensure that the needs of the present generation are met without compromising the needs of future generations. Guided by the development master plan, we will continue to build relationships with the human residents and the environment, establishing links between the two, ensuring a dynamic equilibrium.