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Federation Tower, Moscow, Russia (MIRAX Group)

The Federation consists of East (360m) and West (243m) Towers, located on a common multilevel podium. The height of the tower with the elevator mast and spire exceeds 506m. The elevator mast is located between the two towers and connected to them on technical floors by 5 glass bridge galleries, which also have a fire protection function. Several observation platforms will be set up at the Federation Complex at the level of the 57th and the 81st floors.

Federation Tower, Moscow, Russia (MIRAX Group)

The clear lines, the contrast between striking details and the general reserved appearance are the idea of architects Sergey Tchoban and Peter Schweger.

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The Federation Tower area is allocated as follows: 191,000 square meters (sq.m.) will be occupied by A-class office premises, 78,000 sq.m. – premium apartments, including 4 exclusive two-level Armani Casa apartments, which will not be sold on general terms, but offered to specially invited customers. The price will be considerably higher than that of other premium housing, due to a whole range of unique features. Besides the complete layout and interior design by Armani Casa, using fittings and furniture of their own make, the main emphasis in the four two-level apartments is on the unparalleled views. The apartments with areas of 509 sq.m., 724 sq.m., 939 sq.m. and 1069 sq.m. have huge living-rooms, 2 or more bedrooms, a special area for servants, and 2 of them even feature winter gardens.

Besides offices and apartments, the Federation Tower will house the Grand Hyatt Moscow Hotel of the Hyatt International network. Top floors of the West Tower will accommodate SPA, restaurant, pools, fitness center. In the East Tower joined to it by a glass bridge floors 49th to 61st will be occupied by hotel rooms. 91st to 94th floor will feature lobby areas, meeting rooms, restaurants, bars and an open stage intended for concerts and various events of an international scale. Besides, on 4th floor there will be a large conference hall, which along with the hotel, apartments, restaurants and spa center will be managed by Hyatt International.

The hotel will act as a unifying element of the multifunctional complex. Moreover, the presence of the hotel creates certain conveniences for owners and tenants of the Federation Tower associated with a whole range of services – both hotel and consumer. Everybody working at the Federation will receive basically the same service as the hotel – starting with room service and laundry and up to provision of personal butlers, cooks, etc.

The Federation Complex will house several fitness clubs, in particular the Sky Club – MIRAX GROUP network, which has been recognized as the world’s best according to the Elite magazine. The pool on the 61st floor is the highest pool in the world. The restaurant Club 59 is already operating.

Vertical conveyance between floors is provided by 69 high-speed express elevators, over 20 of them are Twin elevators and move at speeds of up to 7m per second. Besides, the Federation Tower is equipped with panoramic slanting elevators which are unique for Russia.

Power supply at the Federation Complex is based on the most state-of-the-art technological innovations. The complex uses a heat recuperation system – heat produced by the building systems is used within the building itself as much as possible; the recuperation coefficient reaches 60%. This allows to save a considerable amount of energy, and for the Corporation – millions of rubles per year.

The glass of the curtain walls has a special formula developed by German and Chinese experts. This glass reflect the solar radiation and at the same time prevents heat outflow.

Besides, the automated building management system allows to transfer surplus heat and correspondingly, cold from one part of the building to another, ensuring minimum energy consumption depending on the needs. This is made possible by the first in Russia application of the live pressure principle in the hydraulic systems of the building. Besides, the whole complex is equipped with special sensors registering changes in basic parameters – temperature, illumination, human presence – and reacting to the changes.

All these technologies applied by MIRAX GROUP at the Federation Business Center are unique for the Russian market.

The level of security at the Federation is much higher than in most of the world’s skyscrapers. For example, the heat resistance of structures is set at 4 hours, although the world practice is only 2 hours. The automatic fire prevention system switches on the automatic fire alarm system, the voice announcement and evacuation management systems, the internal fire mains, smoke protection, and so on.

The Federation Complex will become an international center of business. It is actually “a city within a city” – a symbol of the new times, the new Moscow.

The West Tower of the Federation Business Complex houses the world’s highest electronic clock created by MIRAX GROUP experts. The clock is installed at the height of 230m above the ground. The clock is 30m wide and 12m high. Its structure includes over 3,000 high-brightness LEDs. The accuracy of 10 to 4 seconds is achieved by means of synchronization with in-orbit satellites. The clock registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest clock in the world.