Past Winners


Residential Category

3rd Runner Up : Mount Clarity, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Pau Jar Construction Co., Ltd)

“Like seven bird move upon the face of the lake.” Ms. Chen, a famous writer describing about Mount Clarity.

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Graceful, elegant and bright will be the first impression when you meet her. Just as the seats in the theatre, “The first row” always is the most reverence in the city context. It is quite a compression to face the great opportunity. How to face the sky, lake, forest…will be our most concern. Based on Revelation chapter 1 verse 12, 13: “And I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And having turned I saw seven golden candlesticks; and on the midst of the candlesticks one like unto a son of a man, cloth with a garment down to the foot, and girl about at the breast with a golden girdle. “Therefore, we created seven towers to imply the place that God love to live in. Seven winged towers also like seven angels flying above the water. When you walked on Huan-hu Road, architecture, landscape, park and lake all are fused harmonically.