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1st Runner Up : Shanghai Wanda Plaza, Shanghai, China (Dalian Wanda Group)

Shanghai Wanda Plaza was built with investment from Shanghai Wanda Plaza Estate Co., Ltd. of Dalian Wanda Group Co., Ltd and was completed on 30th April 2007. It’s located at Wu Jiao Chang in the Shanghai new municipal business sub-center, which is the most popular business project with largest scale and most comprehensive industries. Setting Printemps Store and WAL-MART along Songhu Road with First Food Mall, Film Art Centre and HOLA along Guobin Road, Shanghai Wanda Plaza adopts order business mode with operating requirements of anchor stores’ industries.

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This Commercial Plaza is made of three office buildings aboveground, each of which has 22, 23 and 25 floors of total area of 81,700 sq.m. Laying stress on the unity of the integral space, the three business office buildings make the city's landmark with its great visual impact. 5 business attached buildings make up a close-triangle form: Printemps Store with 7 floors, HOLA with 5 floors, W-MART with 4 floors, First Food Mall and Wanda Film Art Centre. Various industries well express detailed glamour of Wanda’s “Order Business Estate”.