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Nanjing River Bank Family affordable house, Nanjing, China (Nanjing Chixia Development (Group) Co., Ltd)

The River Bank Family affordable house (next to refer as project) built by Nanjing Chixia Development (Group) Company (next to refer as company) which is No.1 in Jiangsu real estate industry is the important part of Nanjing Longtan new city development with the population of 600,000 the supplementary affordable house for the main projects like expanding of Longtan Harbour, Longtan Logistics base, and the high-level express way along river. The project mainly in multi-storied residential buildings, affilicated one 24-class primary school, one 12-class kindergarten, one service center, one supermarket, and one community hospital covers an area of about 500,000m2, with a total construction area of about 500,000m2, and has 5900 residential units, about 20,000 people. The project has been approved as the National Comfortable Housing Demonstration Project and National Renewable Energy Application Demonstration Project by China’s Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development.

Nanjing River Bank Family affordable house, Nanjing, China

The “people-oriented” building concept was implemented during the project’s development. By creation planning & management models, the company introduced advanced city construction idea of new city doctrine, adopted neighbour layout and self-service management for affordable house project to offer new employment chances to low-income families and landless peasants during urban modernization; built a sunken central square, a central park, a community culture and movement center, carving in relief and sculptures to create a good communication and activity space for relocated residents, and create condition for peasants changing their opinions and living style. Insisting the opinion of sustainable development and applying integrated technology which is Four saving and One green in the limit of total cost and advanced Basel Project information portal, the company used building energy-saving system, amorphous metal box-type power station, solar energy illumination system, rain water and sewage water reuse technology, and organic rubbish biochemistry treatment technology etc, near 100 new technology to lessen districts full-life cycle operation cost and the economical burden for residents (by estimation, each family in the district can save 1200 Yuan each year on water, electricity, gas and property management expense). After summarizing the successful experience of this project, the company composed the Technical Guideline of land-saving, energy-saving, water saving, material-saving and Environmental protection for buildings in China’s hot summer and cold winter area, and provided the standards and experience for building the affordable house to be the National Comfortable Housing Demonstration project and National Renewable Energy Application Demonstration Project.

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Today, the projects has been the habitat model of harmonious urbanization in China even the whole world, it is not only welcomed by residents but also the pole in China’s affordable house development. On 28th May 2008, China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development held “2008 National Comfortable Housing Demonstration Project Technical Innovation Conference of Land-saving, Energy-saving and Environmental Protection” for the project to promote the successful experience to the whole country. So far, there are more than 20,000 visitors have studied the project. In November 2008, during the period of Fourth World Urban Forum held in Nanjing, the UN Vice General Secretary, Mrs. Anna Tibaijuka leading representatives from more than 50 countries, visited the project, and conversed cordially with residents. Meanwhile, she granted the company “the UN special contribution Award to Sustainable Urban Development.”