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Loft-quarter "Danilovskaya manufacture 1867", 1st Stage, Moscow, Russia

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Loft–quarter «Danilovskaya manufacture 1867» is conveniently located in the immediate vicinity of the key traffic arteries of Moscow. 5 kilometers from The Kremlin. Loft-quarter «Danilovskaya manufacture 1867» is a special world developed for intellectually creative people and companies. The concept of «Danilovskaya manufacture» will suit the images of many companies appreciating artistic approach, bright ideas and freedom of creativity, i.e., mass media, beauty and fashion industries or any other business focused on People and their feelings and emotions.

The building’s project was developed by Ivan Kuznetsov in 1914, a famous Russian architect, and it was intended for storage of Danilovskaya Manufactory goods.

During the reconstruction, it had been considered crucial to keep to the historical appearance of the building. All the elements (both exterior and interior) available for retention have been left as they were. The lost elements have been patterned up to the maximum capacity of modern technologies.

For instance, several original wooden beams in the attic have been kept. Other beams have been patterned and nowadays open beams under the 7 meters roof ridge became decorative elements of the attic hosting the tenant offices.

  • The windows of the building are executed in “industrial” black color with the authentic layout.
  • Heating system consists of copper pipes purposefully left in sight. The heaters are stylized, too.
  • The authentic iron staircases have been retained.
  • The exterior brick has been cleaned and covered with transparent protective solutions.
  • The exterior lighting of the building has been implemented by means of old-industrial style lamps.

Careful restoration of old elements and their harmonious combination with new ones is the key principle of the Danilovskaya Manufacture. Danilovskaya Manufacture Loft Quarter occupies an area of 7.65 hectares. Nowadays 6 buildings are under reconstruction. They will have been all finished by the end of 2012.