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Runner Up : The Architecture and Environmental Aesthetics of Kaohsiung MRT O5R10 Station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Kaohsiung City Government, Mass Rapid Transit Bureau)
(Kaohsiung City Government, Mass Rapid Transit Bureau)
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The O5R10 station, a three leveled underground station, is located in the main transportation center of Kaohsiung city.

The main idea was to create the distinctive image and to integrate with the local characteristics, which can be a new urban image for transportation, regeneration and aesthetics.

The architectural form of the entrance reminds us of people’s hands put floor at together, which means the prayer for the pacification of spirits which were dedicated for Taiwanese Democracy.

With 30 meters in diameter and 660 square meters coverage, the public art named “The Dome of Light” was installed in the center of the greeting lobby on concourse level.