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Residential (High Rise) Category

Runner Up : Bearys Lakeside Habitat, Bangalore, India (Bearys Group)
(Bearys Group)
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Every city comes to prominence in which landmark projects play a pivotal role. One such God-given opportunity is the making of Bearys Lakeside Habitat (now popularly known as ‘Twin Towers’), the tallest residential project of southern India. The project has not only become an iconic landmark of Bangalore’s skyline but a global community living destination project (over 18 nationalities reside here) that has transformed and driven the future of this location.

The uniqueness of this project extends to every aspect from location, architectural design, infrastructure & specifications, landscape. The high rise vertical structure is a pioneering step that captures the surrounding panoramic view in contrast to the surrounding mid-rise development, unmatched & unique to this location. The project is eloquently elite with many firsts to its credit.