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Adiva Parkhomes, Courtyard Terraces & Apartments, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Perdana ParkCity Sdn Bhd)
(Perdana ParkCity Sdn Bhd)

Adiva Parkhomes, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Looking at the 11-acre Adiva neighborhood today, you couldn’t have guessed there had been a great deal of debate about its fundamental concept and omebuyers’ acceptance of its first-of-the-kind, guarded and gated, strata-titled Parkhomes and Courtyard Terrace homes. After all, isn’t it reckless to challenge the biquitous individually-titled conventional terrace houses that homebuyers have so long favored? But, all said, Adiva is today perceived as an icon of a new housing asset class.

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You couldn’t have known the enormous underlying challenges opposing the birth of Adiva comprising 78 Parkhomes, 66 Courtyard Terraces and 16 Courtyard Apartments: a hostile site carved from a quarry mine; uncertainties surrounding the capacity of existing legislation to permit the issuance of strata titles for both Parkhomes and Courtyard Terraces; the difficulty in balancing a provision of extraordinary expanse of open space with viable density of development; and keeping the cost of highly differentiated landscaping and communal facilities within manageable proportions. Perhaps, some of these obstacles have long deterred many to attempt such a new form of housing class.

As it happened, legislations and town planning controls had to be amended to legitimize and validate this new stratified housing concept. Adiva, with its ideals and ideas played a large part in convincing the authorities to respond favorably in making facilitating changes.

Belief in designing for good and the courage to do something opposite of the norm will often succeed in creating something that is truly special. In Adiva, the daring and holistic approach to place-making, designing, creating and developing the neighborhood, open spaces and homes produced an immersive tropical resort environment. Here, homes, arranged in non-linear fashion, meld with landscaped pocket parks, and the centrally-located communal swimming pool, interlocking courtyards, meandering pathways, traffic-free places and streetscapes collaborate to define the place of homes. These elements create moments to lift the spirit and raise the conversation about where and how we live.

For Adiva’s residents, this integrated value-added approach brings good things to life. Sensuous, liveable and safe, Adiva bonds people through the abolishment of divisive fences and the establishment of interactive communal places. Strangers at first, residents have become good neighbors and great friends. Everyday living here is exceptional.

There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come. Because of its inventiveness and relevance to modern living, Adiva is paving the way for many to adopt its pioneering concept and design for terrace housing initiatives. This is Adiva’s contribution to progressive housing in Malaysia.