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Park Lane by CMP, Taichung, Taiwan (PUJEN Land Development)
(PUJEN Land Development)

Park Lane by CMP, Taichung, Taiwan

Bringing New Life to An Old Building Park Lane by CMP (“Park Lane”) was previously a half-abandoned building when acquired by PuJen Land Development (“PuJen”). Located in the busiest commercial district in Taichung, Taiwan, Park Lane is well placed next to a major greenbelt and Citizen Park. To bestintegrate the surrounding green fields, PuJen decided to use real plants as it’s facade.

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Their team worked with botanical experts and co-designed special cultivating boxes that included adequate fertilizer and nutrition for the plants. Soil erosion from watering or heavy rainfall was also solved by the box design. The plants were grown directly in the boxes in a nursery outside the city for three and half months, and then transferred to Park Lane and attached to the walls one by one. With more than 3,000 boxes, they successfully placed almost 140,000 plants onto the walls.

To ensure its sustainability, this vertical garden is equipped with more than 6,000 sprinklers and 3,000 meters of hose, plus hundreds of mist nozzles. They also created a system to offset the effect of gravity and to protect the garden from earthquakes and typhoons. Inside of this building, They knocked down 360 square meters of retail space to place another vertical garden, 20 meters in height. The result is a garden that is 20% larger than it’s original site and it can absorb 200 kilograms of carbon dioxide and release 150 kilograms of oxygen every day. Furthermore, the plants can help maintain the temperature of the building and reduce the electricity usage of this shopping mall by 30% in the summer.

Inspired by Park Lane, Taichung City Government has passed a “Green Fence Plan” that requires every construction site to use real plants on its surrounding fences. Now, vertical gardens are seen everywhere in the city and they are proud to have initiated the trend.

PuJen – Commit to Green Life