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Vörösmarty No. 1, Budapest, Hungary (ING Real Estate Development)
(ING Real Estate Development)

Vörösmarty No. 1, Budapest, Hungary

Prime location, world-class architecture and international tenant conformation that are the three principles on which the developer ING Real Estate has built its business policy.

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The location at Vörösmarty Square in the very heart of downtown of Budapest created the possibility to erect a multifunctional building with retails, offices, penthouse duplexes, and a winter garden in the center of the building with full visual connection with the interesting life of the pedestrian square.

The winter garden reserved for public use and gives option to organize common events, fashion shows, cocktail parties, corporate receptions.

Mr. György Fazakas architect lives in Budapest and understood very well the cultural essence of the city structures and the neighboring historic buildings, so the new building fits in the square’s different styled historic buildings with its proportions. Scaling and gently curved shapes.

It does not mimic the historic environment but creates a new architectural value with contemporary architectural tools. Custom designed state of the art interactive building envelope with naturally ventilated fish-scale glazed exterior layer, intermediate kinetic shading device and transparent low-e clear double glazed interior curtain wall layer were constructed. The efficient multilayered building envelope reduced the solar factor to 10% - 17%.

The financial and marketing success of this building is based on the prime downtown location of the building and the good marketing strategy.

The residential areas sold out on shell and core basis for individuals, the retail and office tenants are Hungarian and international ones.

The developer’s goal to give the downtown an injection of contemporary elegance has been carried out with a great success. High quality interiors strengthening the urban vitality. This new landmark building is welcomed by the public.