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Northern Taiwan Solar City, Taipei, Taiwan (Urban and Rural Development Bureau, Taipei County Government)
(Urban and Rural Development Bureau, Taipei County Government)

Northern Taiwan Solar City, Taipei, Taiwan

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In order to promote photovoltaic power generation system and popularize the installation of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV), Taipei County Government promote the “Northern Taiwan Solar City Project”, with a new concept of the solar city thus be constructed.

This project has been integrating into local styles, moulding a sustainable and ecological environment which fulfils the new concept of a domestic solar city. Based on this project, the Taipei County Government has built a major photovoltaic landscape architecture at the Danshui Wharf, the Bali Wharf (including the Sustainable Development Education Center) and the Danshui Fisherman’s Wharf.

The objective of the project is to integrate Electricity generation, Local Scenery, Recreation activities, Education guidance, they also wish that through this project, the new ideas can gradually permeated through the people.

Between Gwanyin Mountain and Datwan Mountain
Between the river mouth and the river bank
Between the historical street and the left bank

Photoelectricity to be the medium
To stimulate the valuable energy resources
Electricity generation is merely its basic purpose
Photoelectricity panel is no longer photoelectricity panel
It has been transformed to be the landscape, architecture and sculpture

Recreation development and environmental protection thus are balanced
The propaganda of energy conservation and education thus are fused


以光電為媒介 激發出珍貴的能源