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Regatta Apartments, Jakarta, Indonesia (Badan Kerjasama Mutiara Buana)
(Badan Kerjasama Mutiara Buana)

Regatta Apartments, Jakarta, Indonesia

Nothing can be compared to residing at a prime location, where the fresh sea breeze beckons and the stunning ocean serves as the backdrop from your family rooms for every occasion.

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Located at the up and coming elite area of Pluit in North Jakarta, Regatta has a pole position in Pantai Mutiara, where man-made canals open up to the Java Sea and lure the crème de la crème of Indonesian society with nautical dreams and beyond.

There are endless facilities surrounding the area from multitude shopping centers to hospitals, schools, as well as vibrant restaurants that offer everything from simple snacks to the best of fine dining. Regatta is a mere stone’s throw away from these amenities, and yet living in Regatta feels like you are in a world of your own. The unpolluted air promotes an overall feeling of well being for the residence.

Situated on 11 hectares of land at the northernmost point of Pantai Mutiara peninsula, Regatta culminates the area development which transforms what was once unproductive muddy sea shore of Pluit in the early 80s to become the first canal estate in the region. “Regatta’s unique concept,” as mentioned by Tom right, the world renowned architect of Atkins, famous for his world-class creation of the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, “follows a nautical theme, with the hotel being the representation of a lighthouse and the apartment towers as tall ships sailing around it, hence the name ‘Regatta’.” He added: “All of the buildings are orientated on the cardinal points of a compass, creating the best possible views of the waterfront for each phase of the development.”

The first phase of construction had been completed in November 2009. PT Total Bangun Persada Tbk., as the ISO 9001-2000 certified main contractor, built four towers of the residential apartments: Dubai, Monte Carlo, Miami and Rio de Janeiro.

A substantial part of 2.5 hectares of the site has been devoted to landscaping for the enjoyment of the residents. Only 20% of it is the footprint of the towers, and the rest is designated for landscaping.

Regatta elegant facade consists of large stop-sol glassing that allows a generous amount of comfort daylight into the residential units and also present options of breath taking views of open blue sea and city skyline of Jakarta skyscrapers to the residents.

Regatta Apartments enhance its environment and give maximum value back to its buyers by applying a design that support energy efficient use, protecting resident’s health, and reducing waste, pollution and environment degradation. Sanitary and energy efficient mechanical electrical equipments are provided. Water is supplied by Regatta’s own Reverse Osmosis water treatment plant.

Regatta Apartments also prepare a ground tank for rain water harvesting. The waste water and household refuse are carefully managed. Recycled waste water is used to irrigate the lush landscape. Whereas the organic waste of household refuse is separated from the other in garbage can at every floor, which is then collected in building temporary waste disposal before being sent to final waste disposal.

The design of Regatta apartments ensures security and safety. Sophisticated security technology is provided to protect the residents with high levels security while allowing the development to remain in harmony with the aesthetic of the neighborhood. The car free ground level provides the resident safe and less polluted social interaction environment.

As the developer, Badan Kerjasama Mutiara Buana (BKMB), the joint operation of PT Intiland Development Tbk and PT Global Ekabuana, is committed to provide Regatta’s residents a way of life in an environment where dreams are not farfetched, but they become reality...