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Environmental (Rehabilitation/ Conservation) Category

She Zi Lin Wet Land Park (Maintenance Office Bureau of Public Work's Kaohsiung City Government)
(Maintenance Office Bureau of Public Work's Kaohsiung City Government)

She Zi Lin Wet Land Park

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She Zi Lin Pi Wet Land Park is situated in DingciangVillage of Sanmin District in Kaohsiung City. The site area of this project encompasses the already established park area to the east of Dinjinhou Road and She Zi Lin Pi Wet Land Park area.


She Zi Lin Pi Wet Land Park is a linear wetland park, made up of three different areas: core ecological area, recreational and educational area, and bluegreen buffer zone. These three different areas together help carry out the wetland’s many functions: recreation, ecological preservation, environmental education, and pollution reduction.

The core ecological area is situated where there are existence or potential biological activities; it is made up of open waters, shorelines, and forest. Man-made floating islands and drop structures are built here. Far from the core ecological area is the recreational and educational area, which is closer to the entrance area and interpretation area where people are more concentrated. In between the core ecological area and the recreational and educational area is the blue-green buffer zone, which uses plants and water barriers to minimize disturbance from humans.


In designing the park, present environmental resources are fully utilized to harmoniously blend facilities with the surrounding landscape, thereby creating a very natural atmosphere. Besides enhancing the aesthetics aspect, other functions such as ecology creation, water purification, flood detention, leisure and recreation, interpretation and education, and disaster prevention are also in place. She Zi Lin Pi Wet Land Park has made Kaohsiung City’s wetland ecological path more complete, allowing people to co-exist harmoniously with nature in the metropolitan areas. At the upstream of Love River, it connects with Caogong Canal and other water bodies to form Love River’s beautiful band of shorelines, adding great value to Kaohsiung’s tourism.