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Becsi Corner (Biggeorge's - NV Property Development Inc.)
(Biggeorge's - NV Property Development Inc.)

Becsi Corner

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The development is located in Obuda, a historic part of Budapest. The building complex - bordered by four streets - combines the merits of traditional buildings with modern constructions and stateof-the-art technical features. The project includes 7,300 square meters offices and nearly 3,000 square meters retail and catering area, that provides many facilities and high-quality services to the local population.

There are monumentally protected and newly planned buildings on the site. An old brewery (built in 1780) was conserved in its original form. The classicist former school building along with the newly built wing provides all the office spaces. While there were protected building parts to be kept as completely as possible, and assigning values to be renovated had absolute priority, an important aim was to create a high-standard interior fulfilling the requirements of the 21st century.

Obuda Architect Studio dealt with the complexity of the scope and successfully integrated the heritage of the past and the requirements of the future. Architects achieved mindful work on exploration of the protected buildings, presented detailed surveys, and specifications. All the surfaces and details laboured, colourings and materials used, were chosen after deep studies, based on detailed measure surveys and information from archives.

The development was followed with the emphasized attention of the National Office of Cultural Heritage. A monumental advisor helped through the procedure and a restorer expert supervised the entire conservation process.

The new development is a subsequent point in the district’s revival, rehabilitating an abandoned and considerably inordinate area, where buildings were recently in very bad condition. With a combination of offices, bank, retail, restaurants, and an open-to-public interior courtyard, the complex provides a friendly working environment for all its tenants and brings life back to the area. It revives the old Obuda’s atmosphere and its old splendour.