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Runner Up : BSD City (PT Bumi Serpong Damai )
(PT Bumi Serpong Damai )
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BSD City development objective is to have an integrated well planned, controlled, modern and green city development which fulfill the people’s need for residential houses and urban facilities which can ease the border of Jakarta, and also to make balance among effort to achieve high value of land, high quality of product and life and also environmental friendly.

BSD development divided at three phases : Early development phase, which prepared all basic need of city development like low and middle income housing, commercial, education, transportation, etc. Acceleration development phase, which concentrate into middle-up income housing, campuses, office, retail, push to development of regional infrastructure. Stability stage, which concentrate to recurring income project and establishment of more green building development and regional infrastructure.

BSD City is doing township development by carefully follow the market research, trends, prudent financially support, and quality product to produce high result in financial, physical, and environmental.