There are two groups of real estate experts taking part in the judging process, the Judges and the Oversight Panel. They are formed among the FIABCI Chapter members, past Judges, past Oversight Panel, representative of Principal Members, Academic Members, and real estate professionals from over the world.

i. Judges

Judges are to judge according to their time capacity and professional orientation.

Taking into consideration of the number of entries and the number of Judges and their preferred categories, the Awards Secretariat will manage the process with the goal to have a more or less equal number of Judges in each category and get as many Judges to score for each category as possible.

All judges will be abstained from judging the entire category for categories that have a project submission from their home country.

ii. Oversight Panel

Oversight Panel is an experienced Judges for at least two years to be appointed by the World President with the recommendation from the President of the World Prix d' Excellence Committee. Their First Role is to judge the assigned categories and projects. The second Role is to participate in the Oversight Panel Meeting.

The final result will be confirmed at the online Oversight Panel Meeting which will be held in the middle of March.

Note: For projects in Austria, Brazil, Central Asia, Colombia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and United States of America, only the Winners of the Chapter’s award are eligible to participate (MUST fulfill basic criteria). A site visit (except re-submission) will be carried out for projects submitted from countries without a Chapter award, if needed.
Note: NO project shall be allowed to re-enter for the same category of which it has won an award for that category, disregard whther it won the Gold Winner or Silver Winner.