54 World's Best Property Projects to Compete in Prix d'Excellence Award 2010, Indonesia

13 May 2010

Jakarta - The bestowal of the world's best property projects will become an important part of the 61st World Congress of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI), which will be held in Bali from May 24 to 28, 2010. A total of 54 works of properties from various countries will compete for the best property awards in the conferment arena known as FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Awards 2010.

FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Awards is the annual accolade of awards bestowed to the works of the world's best properties. The awards are given and announced in conjunction with the FIABCI World Congress.

Prix d'Excellence Awards 2010 will be participated by 54 winning nominees comprising of 13 different categories. Contested categories include environment, master plan, sustainable development, public infrastructure, hotel, office, industrial estate and special categories.

President of FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Awards 2010 Yeow Thit Sang revealed that the 54 winning nominees were property projects from 11 countries. Asia is recorded as a region which contributes the most nominees, up to 40 projects from eight countries, followed by European region that includes 11 projects from two countries, and the United States with its two projects.

"There are more participants at Prix d'Excellence Awards 2010 compared to that in 2009. There were only 10 contested categories participated by 40 nominees from nine countries during last year’s accolade,” Yeow remarked. A large number of nominees from Asia Pacific show that the world recognizes that this region should begin to be considered.