The XVIIIth Hungarian Real Estate Development Award

08 December 2016

The 18 year history of the FIABCI Hungarian Real Estate Development Awards reflects the real estate development activity in Hungary since the economic changes at the end of the 1980s. FIABCI Hungary established the awards in 1997 with the goal of demonstrating to the Hungarian public, that a new sector in the economy was established. Another, but not less important goal was to support Hungarian participation in the FIABCI World Prix d`Excellence award.

Over 18 award ceremonies, more than 300 projects participated, and all of the important developments in Hungary competed for these awards with the winners enjoying the right to be nominated at international level, where the results have been exceptional. Since 1998, when Hungarian developers first took part in the FIABCI World Prix d`Excellence, Hungary achieved 18 gold and 15 silver awards.

During this 18 year period, Hungary was the most successful country in Europe. We are proud that Hungary, following Brazil and Malaysia, was the third country to recognize the importance of a local award, and therefore worked diligently to convince other countries to organize their own national awards. Last year, there were close to 20 national awards, and several new countries will have their own competitions soon. We hope the winners of the 18th FIABCI Hungarian Real Estate Development Award will follow these traditions, and that we will also have the possibility of congratulating Hungarian Winners in Andorra in May 2017 once more.

Budapest, 05.12.2016



FIABCI Hungary

Vice President of the Prix d'Excellence Committee


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